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Iznovr Pataev is a talented 19 years old  amateur MMA fighter (3-0-0) of Chechen origin and French nationality. He began combat sports at the age of 7, encouraged by his father.

Years of hard training in wrestling, grappling, JJB, pankration and MMA (in different gyms in the French Riviera) which allowed him in around ten years to win 52 fights out of 53 ! He is several times French champion in grappling, pankration and BJJ.

In 2023, Iznovr Pataev, nicknamed La Pachka, becomes European vice-champion of BJJ, IBBJF.

In 2024 at the age of 19, he joined the French  MMA league in the Flyweight category and won his first two MMA fights in the first round by submission.

At the end of January 2024, he was selected and sponsored by Impact MMA Talent to join the BTT Camp Ultimate Fighter in Bulgaria. He won in the first round of BTT Contenders in just 1 minute 15 seconds by submission.

Submission victory for Iznovr Pataev in 1 minute 15 seconds at BTT Contenders

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Tres belle performance de Iznovr Pataev au BTT contenders #mmafighter

♬ son original – Impact boxing zone 🥊

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Iznovr Pataev aux entraînements au BTT training camp en Bulgarie #mma #boxe #lutte

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